Environmental Benefits

Jesmonite Eco Benefits

When creating new products and home deco, the aesthetics are not the only thing that matters. The byproducts and waste coming out of the production are also relevant.

Jesmonite Limited is a company committed to sustainability. Jesmonite material is made in accordance with BS EN 9001:2015. This standard is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality.

Jesmonite is a material made from gypsum and then mixed with an acrylic liquid component. Gypsum is a natural mineral and its chemical composition includes water. It is a mineral found in abundance on the earth and this adds to the overall sustainability of the end product. It is often sourced near manufacturing facilities, limiting transportation, costs and environmental output.

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While gypsum is a sustainable material, there are some concerns about the acrylic part of Jesmonite. Acrylic is considered plastic and plastic does not decompose, as well as it can release many harmful chemicals into the air.

Although acrylic is not as environmentally friendly, it is highly durable and that gives Jesmonite decades of use. In Jesmonite, the acrylic base helps create a sturdy and pliable product. Therefore, while acrylic is a significant drawback of the eco benefits of Jesmonite, it does not necessarily eradicate all of Jesmonite’s sustainable properties. 


Here at Farrago Creations we try to do our best in order to minimize our environmental footprint. When possible we reuse packaging material (boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap etc.) that we acquire from the deliveries of our supplies, instead of just throwing them out. If the packaging is not salvageable, then we always recycle it responsibly. 

On top of that, we always choose the eco friendly option when buying packaging material from our suppliers. We would also like to ask our customers, that when you receive our products, please upcycle and recycle the packaging material when possible.

No Waste!

Besides the upcycle and recycle of the packaging mentioned above, we also try to minimize our waste from production of our products.

Small chips, bits and pieces that are coming from our production of jesmonite products, are always saved to be reused in terrazzo creations. Any pieces that might get damaged or broken in the process, are also saved with intentions to be re-made or re-used in other creative ways.

Furthermore, any products we might make that do not live up to our standards, will be put for sale on our website under a special category of Samples and No Waste. Keep an eye on our instagram page and our website, to find this special items.