About Us

Farrago Creations is a small Scandinavian business, operating from Denmark and delivering to all EU. We are handmaking home deco with respect for the environment. Our products are made with the eco-friendly acrylic gypsum called jesmonite, and we try to reduce our waste, as well as use sustainable packaging material.

Farrago means ''a confused mixture'', and the name is inspired by how the colors on jesmonite products come together. From marbling, to terrazzo, to color blocking, we are getting each day inspired by nature, architecture, art and design and we make from eye catching purely decorative pieces, to elevated, everyday use objects.

Farrago Creations started as a small business in the beginning of 2022. Our products are all handmade with love in our home studio in Aarhus, Denmark.

We love to showcase and cooperate with other small businesses that match our values, and you will find from time to time in our website, special items from our favorite, independent designers.

Meet the maker!

Taxia at Farrago Studio

I am Taxia, owner and creator at Farrago Creations. I am originally coming from Greece but have been living happily in Denmark since 2013. You can find our creations on our website, and occasionally in local market fairs. Sneak peeks from the studio, first hand looks at new designs, creative processes and much more can be found on our Instagram @farrago_creations and our Facebook @farrago.creations